What has brought me to now?


Hi my name is Nat and if you didn’t catch on from the blog handle, I’m a follower of Jesus. I’ll talk about my background and how I found Jesus in another post, it’s too long of a story for now. Let’s focus on why I am here, and why you are here reading this…

Being an 18-year-old woman is hard, adding following Jesus into this mix makes life even more difficult. I know that some of the craziness in my walk with Jesus has to do with my age but I believe a lot of it has to do with issues that we all are facing but no one is talking about. I have no issues bringing up the topics that are too taboo for church or small group settings. So here on my blog, we are going to be delving into “whatcha talkin about” or more importantly what you should be talking about but probably aren’t because you think you are the only one.

Currently, I am about to read “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. You are probably thinking, why has she never read it? Yes it’s a classic but I put off to read books that I thought were more relevant to what I was facing, but I realized that centering my life on Jesus begins with the roots of Mere Christianity. So I will be blogging about either the different chapters or the different books within the novel, I have not decided on which yet. Feel free to follow along with me and add your own interpretations or life events relevant to the topic. Happy reading!

1 thought on “What has brought me to now?

  1. Hi and thanks for the follow. Good luck on your journey. However you want to roll, 18 is too young to commit to anything. There is a lot many of us that finally learned after years of devotion that is very unsettling. It takes integrity to walk your own walk. You seem pretty bright and full of energy that could be well spent living a passionate life calling your own shots. 2.4 billion Christians and no one agrees on much. One size doesn’t fit all and I think your better off sticking to reality instad of the supernatural. It never comes through the way they say it does. All the best. Jim


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