Why did I pick it up thinking it would be different?

I was browsing around Lifeway Book Store looking for a new read as I usually do when I am feeling lost in some way. Yes, when I feel lost I read the bible but there is something about books about living life as a Christian that seems to help me get on my feet again. I had picked up “Mere Christianity” as well as “God is Able ” by Priscilla Shirer which will be a later blog series, and I was wondering just reading some titles when a specific book caught my eye. It was ” Is God anti-gay?” by Sam Allberry. I have attached a photo of the cover for you to see but I want to admit something that will explain a little more about why this book caught my eye in the first place.
Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 7.22.01 PM        I am gay. I know shcoking, coming from someone who follows Jesus. This, as well as the story about how I found Jesus can come in a later blog if anyone is interested.

So from my little disclaimer, it probably would make sense why this book could catch my eye. I for a very brief moment thought “wow, a book that might actually explain how Jesus himself never said anything about being gay” but sadly I knew I was wrong before I even opened the cover. We all learned in elementary school that in a title of something you capitalize all the words that are longer than 3 letters or not filler words such as And and It’s as long as they aren’t the beginning of the title. But when looking at the title of this book, I knew the book’s stance just from looking at the title because “anti-gay” was not capitalized. English teachers everywhere, regardless of religious beliefs must be screaming.

Following my viewing of the incorrect grammar as well as quite a dull cover, side note all of the other books by this offer have similar covers but this is the only one that is in grey, I did open up the book thinking that maybe my first impression wasn’t right and the book would surprise me. Wrong again. As I flipped through the contents page I saw relevant questions, that even I myself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community have asked, but when I picked one to read about I saw that this was just another book condemning people who have embraced the way God made them. I put it down and walked away.

Maybe one day I will go back and pick it up it, but currently, I have no plans to read a book that seems to forget the concept of loving thy neighbor as thyself. Ultimately you do not have to agree with the fact that God made me gay in some way, that was part of the plan he had for me. I can tell you that had it been up to me I would have never chosen this path because of how hard I have struggled, but ultimately it was not my decision. You may not agree with me or support me but the thing that every follower of Jesus is asked to do is to love everyone as themselves. That includes people of a different race, religion, sexuality, political party, etc. Don’t forget that regardless of if you agree with the person, it is your duty to show them the love of Jesus.

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