The Law of Human Nature?

So this is my second attempt at this post, I realized the first time that I basically wrote an essay about the first chapter of Mere Christianty but a book report was not what I set out to do. I also assume that if you are reading this, you don’t want to read just a book report, you want to know how this book impacts your life as a follower of Jesus. So here we go…

There is a standard of behavior that humans follow, but the issue that we face is that the​ standard​ looks​ different for everyone. “Each man is at every moment subject to several different sets of laws but there is only one of these which he is free to disobey.” The law in which man is free to break is the law of God​ because we as people have free will. The other laws, those of nature we cannot break. We cannot break gravity, what comes up MUST come down. But we have the will to break the laws of human nature which God put into place for us.

“Human beings, all over the earth, have this curious idea that they ought to behave in a certain way, and cannot really get rid of it. Secondly, that they do not, in fact,​ behave in that way. They know the Law of Nature; they break it. These two facts are the foundation of all clear thinking about ourselves and the universe we live in.” So why do we break these laws that God put in place at the beginning​ of existence? Why do we break the laws of the Bible? SIDE NOTE: I am always confused why​ people reference​ specific things from the old testimate as reasons why something as a sin but disregard other laws about stoning a woman and such. Their exucse is something like “times have changed” so why can’t things evolve for everything and not just what is relvant for your aguemnt…
Okay back to the original conversation … God had a simple set of rules for us, love others as yourself. Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross for us, so why do we struggle with this concept so much?

We as followers of Jesus need to embrace the laws the God set in place for us, We need to do the thing that Jesus taught through his actions. Follow the laws of human Nature and be kind to those around us.

The quotes and any references in this post all refer​ to Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

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