The Importance of Worship Music

I feel like it’s a common belief that when you are having a hard time that you should pray and read your bible, both of which are very true. We live in the digital age, as much as we may not like having technology at our fingertips. There are perks, especially when it comes to following Jesus.

Music is something heavily embedded in Christianity, one of the largest books in the Bible ( Pslams) is just songs and hymns. Having such easy access to technology gives us almost instant access to music intended to be sung to our Lord and Savior.

In previous generations, people would listen to the same hymns on a radio station or just sing what they knew from memory. We now live in a world where everyone has access to worship music they connect with. God made us all in his image but with all different likes and dislikes, so why would everyone connect with the same worship music?

I’ve found that when you have some free time or are even just driving in your car, listening to worship music is very grounding. It helps to center your day and your heart back on Jesus even if it’s just playing in the background​.

I highly recommend if you haven’t already, putting together a playlist with worship songs you connect with. Then when ever you feel a little distant from Jesus or you are having a rough moment or you just wish is was Sunday so you could go to church, put it on. Turn on the playlist, crank up the volume, and just be immersed in the power of songs about Jesus because they are unlike any other.

Attached to this post is Thrive by Casting Crowns as well as Say The Word by Hillsong United, they a favorite of mine. If you are looking for some other good worship music, you can find the links to some more of my favorite songs in the music section of the home page.


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