It’s all a Learning Experience​

I have the belief that everything that happens in your life teaches you something. No matter how much you regret something, there was a learning experience within it and you have grown because of it. So I want to talk about some of the biggest learning experiences in my life and how they brought me closer to Jesus. The intention of this post is to show that no matter how far you stray, Jesus is always right there still guiding you even if you don’t know it.

Recently I returned home to Arizona after spending three months in Washington working at a summer camp. I taught kids about all of the arts activities we offered as well as about the nature we were surrounded with. The camp was on an island, and it was absolutely beautiful. I’ll attach some photos below of the views on the island, but you would think I would be happy living in a place like this. The truth is, I was never supposed to come home to Arizona, after my job was over I was supposed to go to School in Washington, but I was so unhappy.

Have you ever had a feeling that you are just in the wrong place? Doing the wrong thing even when you think it’s right, Jesus has a way of letting you know that whatever you are doing isn’t in the plan. For a long time, I walked away from Jesus, which is a choice you make every day not just once. So when I decided that I wanted to uproot my life and move halfway across the country, I ignored the feeling that it was wrong until it was too late. But somehow Jesus protected me anyways and everything fell into place when I admitted I needed to come home.

You know what I learned from being all alone, without my support system 1300 miles away from home? That the people we rely on may not be with us every step of the day but Jesus is. So when I felt utterly alone, Jesus held my hand even though I wouldn’t acknowledge it.

When I came home, I decided that after two-plus years of running from the commitment I made Jesus as a Jr. Higher, I was going to embrace the plan God has for me. And oh how Jesus flipped my life upside down but that’s a story for a later time. Once again it was a learning experience.

We as Christians need to embrace the fact that Jesus is ALWAYS trying to teach us something, regardless of how much we already think we know, or how old we are, or what experiences we have already had. There is always something new for Jesus to teach us.



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