All Jesus, All The Time

So sorry Yall, I’ve been on a little hiatus trying to pick up the pieces of my life and finish the semester on a strong note. But regardless of that, here I am still walking my path with Jesus.

So just some background on where I’m coming from with this post, I went through a really rough break up and was left heartbroken questioning everything in my life, including my relationship with Jesus. If I’ve learned anything it’s that we are not on this walk alone, that’s something I think everyone needs a reminder of every known and then.

I was talking to a close friend about how she’s been talking with her boyfriend’s mom about church and religion, I simply told her that to have a healthy relationship with Jesus, the decision has to be completely and wholeheartedly hers. No one can force you into following Jesus, and no one should do it to please anyone else. That’s something we could all use a heavy dose of, if we are following Jesus for anyone other than Jesus then we are not ready to be a vessel for Him and His plan.

I wake up every morning and make the decision each day that I’m going to follow and love Jesus for myself. It’s not to prove anything to anyone, the whole point is to actively choose Jesus over and over again because He chose us when He died on the cross for us.

If you take anything away from this, remember that deciding to let Jesus into your heart is not a one-time decision. The choice is yours every second fo every day and to truly live on the path God has for you, you have to choose Jesus every step of it.


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